aerospace to agriculture


Marion Manufacturing partners with aerospace leaders, equipping them with the best and most up-to-date machining capabilities. Our CNC components are machined from a variety of aerospace materials that range from high-temperature alloys to steel and aluminum that provide durable, safe, and efficient solutions to the industry. Our services and elaborate solutions allow us to create essential products for the industry.

To best serve this industry, we strive to not only provide the best quality, but maintain cost effectiveness. To meet the incredibly precise and ever-changing standards of the aerospace industry, we rely on the most optimal quality assurance processes, innovative technologies and pristine equipment. Our unique capabilities and industry experience are designed to meet your most challenging experiences from materials to resources and delivery.

Our solutions for aerospace include:


At Marion Manufacturing, we offer a multitude of satellite components. Our capabilities provide support in rural broadband solutions, and defense and commercial applications through integrated satellite components. All aspects of our turn-key manufacturing process is integrated throughout the designing, coating, cleaning, and assembly of intricate parts.  With our configurable products, your industry operations will find optimal efficiencies with cost-effectiveness in mind.


Marion Manufacturing offers CNC machined military parts to serve the United States defense industry.  Our attention to detail, defense expertise, and strict cybersecurity procedures allow us to offer customizable and affordable solutions to our defense stakeholders.

Our defense solutions include:


At Marion Manufacturing, our experts understand the shifting dynamics, revolving changes, and obstacles of the energy industry, therefore, staying ahead of the trends in order to produce relevant and necessary components. As a global leader in the energy sector, our experience and technology allows us to create products ranging from full-scale fabrications to small, 3D printed tools, allowing us to create collaborative partnerships with energy leaders and our clients.

Our products include components of differing sizes and constructs. Our innovative manufacturing techniques often lead to cost reduction opportunities.

Our energy solutions include:


The Marion Manufacturing team can process virtually any material from initial design to rapid prototyping and production. Our capabilities and extensive engineering position us to serve the needs of industrial markets that utilize intense heavy manufacturing components. Our metal machining processes are ideal in creating parts for electronics, transportation, security, recreation, maintenance and telecommunications.

Our expertise with heavy machining lies in our ability to formulate diverse part sizes. Our machines are capable of creating products with a range of volume, from a single prototype to thousands of replications. Many of our projects include precise drilling and turning functions, casting, machining and assembly-each handled with utmost level of expertise and integrity.

Our solutions for heavy equipment include:


At Marion Manufacturing, our team works to transform agriculture by offering technological innovation and design for our clients that, are specifically catered to their farming and agriculture needs.

Our portfolio of agricultural work features equipment such as tractors, combines, harvesters, bailers, garden and field tools, consumer goods, heavy-duty equipment, reaping blades, thresher components and the many integral parts of each, with an emphasis on products that harvest crops and cultivate soil.

Marion Manufacturing’s machinery sets a high standard of accuracy, power and durability for heavy-duty applications, specifically for agriculture clients.

Our solutions for agriculture include:

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